Dominate Local SEO By Placing Your Business in Google Maps

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This is an excellent video on local SEO and how imperative it is for your business to be listed in the Google Map pack. There are only 3 spots in the Google Maps listing and if your business is not one of them you are seriously losing out on one of the biggest opportunities to be seen by the people who are actively searching for exactly what it is that you offer.

In this video we go over some staggering statistics that prove the importance of having your business listed in Google maps. The fact is that the maps are a ginormous distraction above the organic listings for most keywords. This is something that you need to take advantage of!

We can help you dominate local SEO by placing your business in Maps. Watch the video for more info!

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One thought on “Dominate Local SEO By Placing Your Business in Google Maps

  1. Great Video . Love the tips and strategies you have. I think the map pack is key. I am trying to get my local businesses to see the importance of getting their business in google maps and using all of its features

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