I was using Mapquest recently but could not find what I wanted, so I switched to Google Earth
— And voila I found it, a map of the most corrupt states in the union.
Actually, the map was published by USA Today Online and showed the number of convicted felons per capita, that is per 100,000 residents.
The problem was, the study is flawed because it shows only the conviction, not the actual corruption.
— I mean, our own ongoing study shows that elected officials intimidate judges to obstruct justice, so what would keep them to do that to avoid conviction of a dear friend, one who paid money to the politician.
— You may remember the case United States versus Oracle that ended in the judge finding three expert witnesses not believable who claimed that the hostile take-over of PeopleSoft by Oracle would impede competition. Just about during the hot trial period Oracle paid grand to Barbara Boxer, to whom they had never before and never thereafter paid a dime.
— But the map was not the planned subject of todays Second Opinion, rather Mortgage Foreclosure is. I wanted to make a comment on the perpetual notion that those under foreclosure are at fault by buying beyond their means.
Not at all. Follow me for a second. The fact is that at the time they closed the mortgage, the prime rate was low, their lender pushed a variable rate, and after calculating monthly payments, they could afford it, say 00. Nobody PLEASE nobody told them that an increase of less than one percent in the prime rate would nearly double their payments to 00.
Moreover- nobody told them that when the prime goes down even by more than one percent their rate would NOT go down more than a couple hundred bucks, say to 00.
— The Wallstreet Journal Quotes ForeclosureS.com, predicting that the housing market will roar back in 2009. That is highly doubtful. According to AP unemployment rose sharply last week by 525,000 claims, bringing the unemployment total to 4,43 million.
— By the way, the damage to tax payers using ,118 total paid per unemployed is ,781,560,000.00 Given these numbers I cannot see how the housing market will rebound by 2009. Indeed, one in ten mortgages is in trouble. In my humble opinion it is imperative that Congress comes up wit a plan that includes home-owners in default, be it by moratorium or whatever. If they cant come up with one, have them call me, I need no more that two days to come up with a solution.
— Lets go global. Europe has problems with Islamic extremists, too. In Belgium 14 alleged Islamic extremists were arrested. — Sarkozy and Brown finally met with Merkel, Germanys Chancellor at an EU meeting. As I reported, Merkel was initially not invited. The reason is that she seems to be fundamentally opposed to government support for ailing industries. Doesnt THAT sound familiar? By the way she is a right radical.
— Britains Daily Mail reports about the fury after Merkels reckless criticism of Browns recovery plan. — Talking about government support, get this, now German car makers not only want help from the German governments, including state governments, but from the U.S., too.
— ZD-Net proposes that Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, could run GM.
Now, there is an idea. He is one of the few CEOs that truly embrace innovation. How about Mr. President Elect?
— Arent there ANY good news out there today? Well, actually there is. FedX said it had no plans to lay off anybody in the near future. HELLO FEDERAL !

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